About Blher

Blending together their professional backgrounds of law and nonprofit, Brittany and Kelly Jeanine bring fresh perspective to hard topics. This podcast covers everything from social justice, politics, news, religion and pop culture through the lenses of blackness, feminism and progressive Christianity. 

About the Name

What’s in our name?

Bl= black. Our perspectives are shaped by how we identify ourselves. The black experience provides a unique perspective on social issues that is not often brought to the forefront

Her= woman,femme:To live, feel, and engage the world as a woman takes courage. While women are the majority in the world our lives and perspectives are often second to those of our male counterparts. This podcast isn’t only for women, but it highlights the voices of two women and encourages all-regardless of gender identity to learn from the ‘hers’ in their life.”


Meet Brittany

Brittany, originally from Atlanta, GA, is an attorney residing in the DMV area. She is a world traveler and Kendrick Lamar enthusiast. She is most passionate about racial equality, diversity, cross-cultural understanding, and food access. In her free time, she enjoys painting and playing recreational volleyball. 

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Meet Kelly Jeanine

Kelly Jeanine is a fundraising manager in California by way of Twin Cities. She is passionate about the intersections between faith, feminism and social justice. She is also passionate about empowering young women of color to work in the nonprofit sector.