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Ism by Alex Merelus

I recognize your station

Those soft tones and vibrations

And I objectify your maintenance

Your hearts efforts are not wasted


But then I’ll say things like “I like what I like”


“It doesn’t matter the color her face is”


Yet you were just another challenge this summer

Not that I can’t manage in slumber

I just like to know where my place is


That my vision hasn’t failed me yet

But division comes in a frailty set

Two against one

And one is where the singularities met




This battle is on the inside

Inside of our behaviors

Inside of our saviors

And all of the regularly scheduled programs in-between


If only we stopped letting these slow jams Intervene

We might see each other for who we really are

Pretty, scarred, but courageous

Learning what your name is

and what “types of things you like to get into” mean


But dark girls were made for cuddling

And light girls were made for mothering

Switch roles and we’ve lost another friend

To a lie they sold us on ages ago


Inflating the relation of skin tones

But we’re still waiting for our wages to grow

Currently we’ve lost our way and it shows


And it’s amazing to know, how we do this to us

But we love us forreal?

We’ve turned our muse into a noose

And we’ve hung us forreal


If she had a Bitcoin for every time she heard

“You’re pretty for a dark skin girl”

That currency holds no ground


It’s insane we rehearse, glorifying how it looks like now

But which came to be first?

If we’re all part of this story now,

Let’s change the “we” first


Starting with me first

Diving in feet first


Even your heart is ‘son’ kissed and knows no bounds

Laced in plum-skin and cocoa brown

Where sun rays stay dancing

Until the sun goes down


And the honey gold brown,

Mixed together like coffee and cream

The cost of a dream, won’t stay lost in extreme

If we keep this hope in our mind


That all black is beautiful

Majestic, divine

Electric, Sublime

You see skeptics resign when our talents abuse them

Inflict all that chatter,

for all black matters,

When we gather to use them


Because the color of real  beauty has no palette to choose from

And theres no balance if we manage to choose one

Cause theres never been one for all, for we all would manage to lose one

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