Let's Blame Millennials!

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  1. Millennials are killing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's

  2. Millennials are killing the napkin industry

  3. Millennials are killing yogurt - a $1 billion diet staple

  4. Millennials may doom the TV business

  5. Millennials Are Killing Doorbells & Honestly, Good Riddance

  6. Millionaire to millennials: Lay off the avocado toast if you want a house

  7. Middle children are going extinct because Millennial family planning

  8. 8 Reasons Millennials Seem To Be Lazy At Work

  9. 5 things millennials are doing wrong when it comes to their careers

  10. Millennials Are Selfish and Entitled. Blame Helicopter Parents.

  11. Millennials aren’t buying diamonds

  12. Millennials aren't joining country clubs because they are workaholics

  13. Millennials don’t use living rooms;  

  14. Millennials Are Screwed

These are real headlines about the Millennial generation. View all of our sources in this episode

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